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Important Notice on COVID-19

Granite State PrEP Connect is up and running during this time to answer your questions around PrEP and sexual health. Reach out by call or email any day of the week. For more information on sex in the time of coronavirus, please see  this guidance  from our friends at the NYC Department of Health

 What is PrEP? 


PrEP is a once-a-day HIV prevention pill that is up to 99% effective when taken consistently. Granite State PrEP Connect is here to answer your questions.

 Is PrEP right for you? 


If you think PrEP might be right for you, or if want to learn more, our navigator can help you take that next step seven days a week.

 Info for Providers 


Learn more about how to offer PrEP in your practice with our collection of clinician resources.

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 Where can you get PrEP? 


Medications used for PrEP can only be prescribed by a health care provider, so talk to yours to find out if PrEP is the right HIV prevention option for you. If you do not have a trusted health care provider, we can help you find one.

You may have questions about taking, getting, or prescribing PrEP. You're certainly not alone. Granite State PrEP Connect offers navigator services: free, confidential, and at your fingertips.


We operate a PrEP line to answer your questions about the medication itself, insurance coverage, medication assistance programs and providers throughout New Hampshire.


Call the Granite State PrEP Line at:


 talk to a local PrEP expert