A Project of the New Hampshire HIV Planning Group and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock HIV Program

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PrEP Your Practice

 PrEP is part of comprehensive patient care

Providers around New Hampshire are joining a network of clinicians committed to meeting the needs of all patients. We know you're busy and Granite State PrEP Connect is here to support you in that effort.


Secure Consultation

Quickly connect by phone, text, or email to guidance on providing PrEP. 

PrEP Your Practice

Review our resources online, reach out with questions, or bring us in to for provider Grand Rounds or PrEP 101 Trainings.

Patient Services

Our navigator can work with you and your patients to address issues from adherence to accessing assistance programs.  

Granite State PrEP Connect provides free, rapid consultation to clinicians on all aspects of prescribing and managing PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), the daily use of oral antiretroviral drugs by a non HIV-infected person as part of an HIV prevention regimen. Additionally, we can advise on post-exposure treatment for HIV and hepatitis. Clinician consultation is provided jointly through our PrEP navigator and experienced clinicians at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock HIV Program.


All inquiries and calls will be initially received by our PrEP navigator or clinical liaison. During business hours (9am-5pm EST Monday - Friday), our navigator will link in a Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinician if the inquiry is beyond the scope of a student navigator.


A collection of clinical resources can be found here.

We advise on...


(Post-exposure Prophylaxis)

  • Assessing the risk of exposure

  • Determining the appropriateness of prescribing PEP

  • Selecting the best PEP regimen

  • Providing follow-up testing


(Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)

  • Initial and follow-up laboratory evaluations

  • Follow-up and testing protocols

  • Transitioning from PEP to PrEP

  • Managing PrEP as a safer conception tool

  • Navigating payment, billing, and insurance


  • Provider trainings

  • Implementing PrEP in your practice

  • Advertise your practice on our website

  • Promotional and educational materials

To download and print a flyer of clinical our services, click here.

To report reactive HIV and STI test results to the state health officials, please call (603) 271-3932 or (603) 271-4490, or visit this link for more information. 


Our PrEP Consultation service is an important component of Granite State PrEP Connect.

We would like to thank the Clinician Consultation Center at the University of California, San Francisco for their direction in developing this service. You can see see their consultation services for PrEP here and for PEP here.

Please contact us for inquiries specifically regarding our provider resources and services.