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PrEP = Safer Drug Use 

Injecting drugs puts you at higher risk of getting certain blood-borne infections like HIV and Hepatitis C. 
PrEP helps you take charge of your HIV status. 

Source: LIACC and HIV.gov

Supporting your Safety 

You can take steps to stay safe when sharing injection equipment. 

  • Using a sterile needle and syringe for every injection reduces the risk of getting of infections like HIV, viral hepatitis, and others. Cleaning your needle and works is important if you do not always have access to new equipment.
    More info: New Hampshire Syringe Services

  • PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily medication that can help protect against HIV. It is over 70% effective but does not protect against other infections, so it is still important to use a sterile needle and syringe for every injection.
    More info: What is PrEP?

  • PrEP is safe and affordable, but it needs to be taken every day to offer the most protection. You can call or text the PrEP navigator if you have questions about getting PrEP, paying for PrEP, or remembering to take it.
    More info: Talk PrEP

  • HIV risk can come from sharing needles, sex, or both. Regardless of your risk, HIV and STI testing are important for everyone. It’s low cost (often free!) and easy.
    More info: Get Tested

Project 439

Project 439 is a nonprofit, anonymous needle exchange in Claremont, NH. If you are seeking clean needles, need to dispose of used ones, want HIV/Hepatitis C testing, or Naloxone/Narcan (opioid overdose reversing medication), they can help!

Claremont Soup Kitchen

Every First and Third Monday 4-5:15 PM

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