let's talk PrEP 

PrEP can help you take control of your health and stay safe from HIV.

Free, confidential PrEP Navigation from Granite State PrEP Connect is here to help get that ball rolling. Our navigator is standing by to support you before and after your first appointment.

What is PrEP navigation?

Short answer: whatever you need.


Questions and concerns about PrEP, working through conversations with your doctor, trouble affording or remembering the medication… we can help.

 to answers 

accurate and fast information about all things PrEP and

sexual health


 to benefits 

help navigating insurance and payment assistance programs to keep

PrEP affordable

 to support 

an open line to talk

and work through any concerns that may

come up

 on your terms 

call or text the PrEP Line 

send us an email

set up a video chat

whatever works

wherever you are

already have a doctor?


If you do, Granite State PrEP Connect is at both of your service. Check out these resources for talking to your doctor about PrEP:


If not, we can help you find one.

in New Hampshire, you can get PrEP on your phone with PlushCare

If not, we can help you find one. In New Hampshire, you can get PrEP at several convenient locations.