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How will I pay for PrEP?

PrEP is covered by most insurance programs and Medicaid. The level of your coverage will vary by the type of health insurance plan you have. There are medication assistance programs that can help you pay for PrEP, regardless of your citizenship or insurance status. You don't have to figure this out by yourself. Ask your healthcare provider or PrEP Navigator about PrEP assistance programs. They can help you figure out what patient assistance program(s) will work best for your needs. These are some common programs:​​

  • Ready, Set, PrEP

    • ​Supplies PrEP medications at no cost to uninsured individuals who are taking either Truvada or Descovy

  • Gilead Advancing Access®

    • Provides financial coverage for Truvada and Descovy medications for people without insurance

    • Supports patients by providing them with a co-pay coupon card that may help save on co-pays for Truvada and Descovy

  • Viiv

    • Covers deductibles, prescription drug copays or coinsurance, and administration fees for injectable PrEP (Apretude)

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